Supply Chain Visibility

SandCommandTM, our tracking and inventory system was specifically designed for the frac sand business. Railcar and silo tracking is completely integrated and visible in real-time.

Coordinating and forecasting a job is now easier. Simply tell us how much product you need for a job and we will coordinate loading at the mine, movement of the car, arrival at our terminal, storage in the silos and the loading of trucks. Simply click on any of our daily emails for real-time information.

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Our silo system loads a truck in 5 minutes resulting in more efficient use of your trucking fleet. Gone are the days of 3-5 hours waiting in line to get loaded and/or demurrage; replaced by instant loading. In addition, at CRU Logistics, a railcar is offloaded in 30 minutes.

Minimization of rail demurrage

Quicker turnaround
More product and less railcars

Quality & Inventory Control

Railcar Variance

Product that is offloaded from a railcar into a silo is weighed and later compared to the railcars’ Bill of Lading resulting in a weekly variance report.

Contamination Avoidance

The quality of the product is maintained using numerous screens on our pit. You can rest assured that no debris will contaminate your blender on location.

Product Confirmation

Each railcar is sieve-tested for product specification. Samples are kept on-hand for three months and results are posted on SandCommandTM.

Fleet Management

Our logistics team is capable of tracking thousands of cars between your desired origin and our terminals.

SandCommandTM informs not only our customers but their sources as well, so that inventory streamlining becomes a reality. In addition to tracking, we are proactive in deviating cars in order to avoid an embargo or costly demurrage charges.

Our logistics model focuses on informing you, the customer, of your rail movements on a daily basis. Using reports generated by our system we can help you analyze a specific route’s efficiency by looking at factors such as turn-around times and idle time empty (or loaded). In the end, our job is to help you move high-volumes of frac sand to your jobs in the most efficient manner possible.

Product Transportation and Inspection

CRU Trading coordinates the transportation and movement of the fuel oil from the loading point (origin) to its discharge terminal (destination).

American Customs Agent and DOT Certified

CRU Trading provides and covers the cost of the American Customs Agent.

Online Logistics Information System

CRU Trading provides a system accessible through the internet designed for the constant monitoring of the operation.